We scale ventures out of the unknown

When we first discovered these companies, they were unknown to most. We saw a glimmer of what the future might hold and were excited about their potential. We have joined their journeys at the earliest stage and supported them with gaining traction, access to cash and team. Today, they are working on life-changing advancements across the globe.

  • TryCatch

  • MakDo

  • Gribbio

  • Dynaxion

  • DOT

  • eFishery

  • Hargol Foodtech

  • EduPass

  • LifeSense

  • Mind Rockets Inc

  • LiquidGold

  • Convious

  • Fiskaly


Reinventing tech job matching

Try Catch is reinventing job matching in the tech industry through a combination of human expertise and data science to ensure the best job matches.


Patient- centralised dental care

At MakDo, the patient is the central point, the dentists professionally inform about the various treatment options and the associated costs with the patient's preferences and needs in mind.


Giving access to fast pace and well managed event organizing

Gribbio connects and co- workers and brands all over the world by organising, managing and enriching events.


Making the world a safer place with a novel nano particle accelerator

Cor and his team are working hard to accelerate the development of technology that will revolutionize the way we scan objects for security purposes in places like harbours and airports. Dynaxion won the Global Startup Competition in 2019.


Empowering visually imparied with a groundbreaking Braille wrist watch

This stunning watch is not only beautiful, it also revolutionizes the future for the visually impaired. It communicates with your phone via Bluetooth and communicates in Braille symbols with the user. DOT with Eric as the CEO received worldwide recognition early-on with Stevie Wonder as it’s first ambassador.


Revolutionizing the aquaculture market with IoT technology

As a fish farmer himself, Gibran aims to revolutionize feeding operations with IoT, one of the largest problems in commercial aquaculture. eFishery won the Global Startup Competition of Get in the Ring in 2014, just one year after it was founded in 2013 and recently received 20M$ funding.

Hargol Foodtech

World’s first sustainable commercial grasshopper farming

Before Dror and Chanan started HargolFoodtech, grasshoppers were not available year-round, and cultivating them was a lengthy, costly process, not yet attempted on a commercial scale. After winning the Global Startup Competition in 2017, they recently received 3M$ investment.


Enabling access to higher education

Luis aims on expanding access to education through reliable information, helpful resources, and a network of committed mentors to ensure equal access to education. EduPass was the winner of the Lightweight class Global Startup Competition in 2017.


Preventing urine loss with wearable sensor technology

Julia and Valer’s mission is to empower people everyday by revolutionizing healthcare with wearable technology. Lifesense won the Middleweight Global Startup Competition in 2017 and received 3M$ in funding since.

Mind Rockets Inc

Making the world accessible to the deaf community through assistive tech solutions

This innovative startup develops avatars within digital environments that deliver instant translation from text and speech to sign language to aid the deaf community. MindRockets won the Global Startup Competition in 2018.


Minimizing environmental impact with a circular approach to sanitation waste

Orion founded the company to reduce customer’s operational costs and create new products from human sanitary waste with dry sanitation solutions, focusing on protecting the environment. LiquidGold won the lightweight class of Global Startup Competition in 2018.


Increasing revenues of the leisure industry through traffic management

Kevin created an AI engine to continuously optimise customer experience in the leisure industry. Convious was the heavyweight winner of Get in the Ring the Netherlands and the Global Startup Competition 2018.


Automating fiscalization of business cases with cloud-based solutions

Simon's mission is to offer a unified API for fiscalization across Europe which once integrated, will cover the different legal requirements for all European countries. Fiskaly won the Global Startup Competition in 2019.