Hargol is leading the charge of newfound interest in the domain of insect meat as a more sustainable and nutritious alternative to traditional meat. Why? Because they have the ability to produce more high-quality protein at a lower cost than traditional protein sources. They have amassed over 20 awards for their innovative grasshopper farming technology, including the title of Global Winner at Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition 2017


From their state-of-the-art 13,000 sq. ft. facility – the first and largest commercial grasshopper farm in the world – Hargol produces over 40 million grasshoppers annually. Their key market is the fitness and supplements industry, for which they developed ‘PRO72’, a grasshopper-made protein powder. Packed with nutrients, it contains 72% proteins and all 9 amino acids – significantly more than the prevalent whey and soy protein powder varieties.








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Dror Tamir

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Launched line of kosher protein powders – PRO72.

Raised funding from Unknown Group.


Raised $3.2 million in pre-Series A funding from Trendlines and Agriline.


Adjudged Global Winner of the Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition.

Raised $600K in seed funding from Sirius Venture Capital and SLJ Investment Partners.

”The vision of Hargol is very much in line with Unknown’s – both companies want to go beyond the offerings that are available in the market and provide something that is ‘better’ in every aspect”.

Dror Tamir

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