Last updated: Jan 14, 2021

Unknown Group takes great care to treat the personal details of any person visiting a Unknown Group webpage prudently. Personal details are processed and protected in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation. The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform you how we use and process any personal details obtained by Unknown Group when you visit the Unknown Group website and do an application for any of the services of Unknown Group.

Unknown Group processes the personal details within the meaning of Article 1, section a, of the General Data Protection Regulation. Personal details are defined as any details that could disclose information about an identified or identifiable natural person.

Unknown Group uses your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address in order to contact you if your personal details are used, or if Unknown Group has questions about a report you may have made regarding a data leak on the part of Unknown Group.

Unknown Group also processes non-personal data, this is information that refers to a legal entity, which doesn’t relate to identifying a person. When you are an Applicant to the Unknown Group website, we may collect this non-personal data. The policy used specifically for personal data does not apply to non-personal data.

Unknown Group is the responsible party within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that Unknown Group decides which personal details are processed, as well as the purpose for which and how they are processed. Unknown Group is responsible for ensuring your personal details are processed correctly and prudently in accordance with provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Information you provide to Unknown Group

We collect personal details that you, as an Applicant, provide to Unknown Group, such as your name, email address and phone number and information about your organization, when you want to learn more about Unknown Group or would like to participate in our Activities. We also collect financials details from our paying customers in order to process payment for our services. We also collect non-personal data which includes information about the companies that would like to participate in our Activities, this may contain data which is needed for the participating and/or selection process of these Activities. An Applicant may choose to provide personal details in following examples:

Participate in events, opportunities, meetups, network or other activities of Get in the Ring
– Subscribe to newsletters
– Submit job applications
– Contact us for further information
– Surveys

Information we collect automatically

Automatically we collect certain technical information from you when you visit the Website. The technical information we may collect through cookies are your IP-address, browser types, the web pages you view on our website, whether you interact, how you interact on our website, and the date/time of your Application.

Information obtained from other sources

Unknown Group could receive information from other sources, including third parties, such as Organizers and other Partners with whom we organize and co-host Activities. We also may receive your information by interacting with our social media platforms online.

Data of children

Unknown Group understands the importance of protecting the privacy of children. It is our policy to never knowingly collect or maintain personal information of children under the age of 13. When a parent or legal guardians has reason to believe their child has provided personal details to Unknown Group without their consent, please contact and we will ensure to delete this information from our databases.

Unknown Group processes personal and non-personal details of applicants with the purpose of connecting applicants to resources such as corporates, governments, investors and other supporting organizations and persons to create business opportunities. Unknown Group can use all of the personal and non-personal details provided by applicants to do so. Applicants will be informed how Unknown Group processes these details, and the purpose for which Unknown Group is using or will use the details.

In more detail: Unknown Group can provide details of applicants to third parties for the following purposes:

  • Where Unknown Group needs to send details to third parties that provide a service that is part of & relevant for Unknown Group activities. Only the details that are needed to deliver the service, will be provided. (i.e. an example is creating a booklet at a third party printing company, with details about startups participating in Activities)
  • Where Unknown Group needs to send details to licensed or contracted partners of activities for the purpose of sending more information about the specific activity the Applicant applied. These contacted and licensed partners include but are not limited to: corporates, governments, investors and other supporting organizations and persons.
  • Where Unknown Group can add value to the Applicant based on the communicated needs of the Applicant provided in the application process. In this case, Unknown Group can provide details of the Applicant to third parties.
  • Where a licensed or contracted partner will perform research based on an anonymized version of the Applicant’s data.

Unknown Group will not provide the Applicant’s information to third parties for unrelated marketing and/or sales purposes such as but not limited to direct marketing, advertising, or other direct commercial purposes.

Unknown Group must be able to justify the use of the personal details on the basis of one of the principles laid down in Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation. On the grounds of this Article, it is also permissible for these personal details to be processed if the responsible party is required to comply with a legal obligation (Article 6, section 1c of the General Data Protection Regulation).


When the applicant provides consent of processing his or her personal data for the purpose of connecting with business opportunities and send you updates about Unknown Group Activities.

Performance of a contract

Your personal information can be necessary to perform the contract you have with Unknown Group in order to take steps at the request of data subject prior to entering into a contract with us.

Legitimate interest

We may use your personal information for a legitimate interest we have in connecting you to (specific) future business opportunities or a legitimate interest based on the application on the website for activities of Unknown Group.

To comply with law

Processing is necessary to comply with our legal obligations.

Unknown Group uses the same basis of processing non-personal data as it does processing personal data as described above; consent, performance of a contract, legitimate interest.

Unknown Group ensures that there are suitable technical and organizational measures in place to prevent the loss or unlawful processing of personal details. This means that (personal) details are encrypted when they are being sent, and that they are sent via a secure connection.

Unknown Group does not retain personal details for any longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are being processed (Article 5, section 1c of the General Data Protection Regulation).

As the responsible party, Unknown Group maintains a register of all the processing activities which fall within Unknown Group’s sphere of responsibility (Article 30 of the General Data Protection Regulation).

You are entitled to access your personal details, and also have the right to request that these details be corrected or deleted. If you wish to know which of your personal details Unknown Group has processed, you should submit a written request to have access to these details. Unknown Group will process your request within four weeks. If it appears that your details are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you should submit an additional request to have these details removed or supplemented. You should send your written requests to

Unknown Group reserves the right, in its sole discretion, at any time to modify or terminate the Website and services, or modify this Privacy Policy. When we make modifications to this Privacy Policy, it will be posted to the website and at the top of this Privacy Policy it will show the “Updated” date. If any modified terms are not acceptable to the Applicant, the Applicant can choose to cease using the Website and services, and send a written request to Unknown Group asking it to delete all the details regarding Applicant stored by Unknown Group. Upon receiving such written request, Unknown Group will stop using and sharing the details provided by and directly linked to Applicant, but will not (be able to) delete such information provided to third parties earlier on or secluded by way of integration into anonymised datasets. Please review this Privacy Policy periodically, and especially before you provide Unknown Group with any personal data. By continuing to use the Website and services after Unknown Group has notified of the changes, the Applicant agrees to be bound to such changes.

For further questions or requests about the processing of your personal details:

Unknown Group

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