Terra Motion’s technology processes land surface movements with millimetric precision and does so, uniquely, over urban, vegetated and natural land surfaces.

From their offices at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park, Terra Motion have been remotely surveying sites around the world on almost every continent, working with international clients including commercial engineering consultancies, government departments and the United Nations.

Their proprietary technology places them on the cutting edge of a range of established market sectors including planning, insurance and engineering surveys but is also opening up significant new markets in support of efforts to stem climate change, to detect signs of modern slavery and in the assessment of dangerous earthworks.


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Dr. Andy Sowter

The Unknown venture engine

Growing promising ventures from 0 to 100 million valuations and beyond is our bread and butter. How do we make this happen? Through our domain expertise and international scaling network, we have established the first Global Venture Engine®️ for scale, which contributes to the success of our ventures via scoping, scouting, dealmaking and scaling.



Raised funding from Unknown Group.


Listed as one of the 15 star companies of the UK space sector by Business Leader magazine.


Awarded the prestigious Copernicus Masters Prize for innovative Earth Observation ventures.

“Unknown’s investment provides an opportunity for us to expand our sales and business development activities and to expand the market for our solution across the world”.

Dr. Andy Sowter

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