The leading European sustainable crowdfunding platform, Oneplanetcrowd unites established social enterprises with investors interested in making sustainable investments.

They have raised over € 70 million in funding for more than 250 projects, including leading e-bike manufacturer – VanMoof, the sustainable smartphone – Fairphone, airborne wind energy generating drone – Ampyx Power and Unknown Group’s portfolio venture, Saltrex, who successfully crowdfunded the development of their circular waste platform in 2019.

As a certified B Corp, Oneplanetcrowd has been awarded as the market leader in venture capital by in 2018 and 2019.


The Netherlands






Venture Capital


Coenraad de Vries, Laura Rooseboom & Maarten de Jong

The Unknown venture engine

Growing promising ventures from 0 to 100 million valuations and beyond is our bread and butter. How do we make this happen? Through our domain expertise and international scaling network, we have established the first Global Venture Engine®️ for scale, which contributes to the success of our ventures via scoping, scouting, dealmaking and scaling.



Raised funding from the European Investment Fund


Raised €800k for Unknown portfolio venture, Saltrex.
Raised €7,500,000 for VanMoof e-bikes.


Formal partnerships with Rabobank and ASN Bank established to combine forces in financing SMEs

“With Unknown’s investment, as well as their network and expertise, we will be able to further fuel our growth to financing innovative SMEs as well as renewable energy companies.

Coenraad de Vries

involved people

Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen
Edward de Jager
Hans Peddemors