De Krekerij are working to build a future-proof food system, where good food and health for everyone come together. Their weapon of choice? Crickets and grasshoppers! Their mission is to make delectable, nutrient-rich and impactful grasshopper meat meals a weekly staple in the Dutch diet by 2030. To do this, they are producing cricket and grasshopper-made products like burgers, pulled meat, sausage rolls and meatballs. De Krekerij have previously been funded by We Share – Unknown’s sister organization – which funds bright impact ventures with a share-it-forward mentality.


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Sander Peltenburg & George Brandenburg

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Cricket sausage rolls are available throughout The Netherlands in Lidl stores, during the Lidl Future Goods Week.


Receive impact investment from We Share, which allows the construction of the first dedicated insect processing facility.


Started ambitious project called “De hollandse grashopper, dat is een echte topper” — to make a new food chain with grashoppers. Making a model to transition dairy farmers into grashopper farmers and use the protein of the animals to make future proof grashopper based meat products.

“We decided to continue our growth path with Unknown Group because they are real venture builders. As entrepreneurs themselves with a track record of building great companies, we are confident that Unknown’s experience can slingshot us to more growth.”

Sander Peltenburg & George Brandenburg

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