Rebel Cactus is a smartwatch specifically designed and customizable for children. Aimed at helping kids discover their worlds with independence, the smartwatch allows wearers to listen to their favorite fairy tales, play smart games, take photos or videos and call home when needed.

Rebel Cactus’ newest smartwatch — the Rebel Cactus Play includes GPS, Geofencing, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, chat, video calling and ‘cool down’ (limiting usage during school hours or other pre-defined time periods) functionalities. 


The Netherlands






Consumer Electronics


Annemarie Greve & Michael Greve

The Unknown venture engine

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Creation of several smart game apps that has a unique interface with Rebel Cactus kidswatch.


Early Birds delivery of Rebel Cactus Play, the first kids smartwatch in the NL. Aimed to launch full product for April 1st in the Netherlands.


Established an international partnership with FindmyKids gps tracker app, as an important step in creating a independent content platform for kids streamed on their smartwatch device.

“We share the same aspirations, business minds and a never ending appetite for success. Backed up and supported by the VO network, knowledge and skills together we are equipped to further shape and execute Rebel Cactus’ content strategy and kids smartwatch the coming years and become a leading player within Europe.”

Annemarie Greve

Venturers Involved

Edward de Jager
Hans Peddemors