Geospatial Insight is Europe’s leading provider of AI derived visual intelligence to the insurance, finance and utilities sectors. Revolutionising the insurance, finance and utilities markets through pioneering visual intelligence, Geospatial Insight fuse their unparalleled access to global imagery with traditional data analytics and game-changing AI algorithms to provide a truly global service in business intelligence.


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Earth Observation


David Fox, Dan Schnurr Frics, Paul Fearn & Adrian Watson

Summary of our venture engine

In our Venture Engine, we create networks of industry leaders alongside a pool of validated solutions and their founders that can make a tangible change in specific domains. Then we ensure that these founders find traction in their market and are able to deliver upon their solution.



Further investment by Unknown enables the launch of PropertyView, providing unique insight on property risk worldwide.


Unknown’s investment supports the development and launch of VIP (Visual Intelligence Platform), Geospatial Insight’s software-as-a-service for geospatial data visualisation and analytics.


Guy Carpenter, the world’s leading reinsurance broker, is secured as a cornerstone client for Geospatial Insight’s market leading catastrophe response service

“Unknown grasp of the investment landscape and international presence have opened up new vistas for Geospatial Insight both in terms of new investment opportunities and market access”

Dave Fox

Venturers Involved

Jochem Cuppen