Technologies like AR and XR have had an accelerated adoption in the last year, especially in industrial workplaces. Factors like the increased emphasis on health and safety on the workfloor, restrictions on on-site workforce interactions, adoption of remote work and has shown that industries are ready for disruption. With the investment in Spiral Technology, we’re betting on a future where AR and XR training will be leveraged to augment workforces worldwide.

Founded in 2018 by Konstantyn Shyshkin and Andrii Ieroshevych, Spiral Technology have created ‘Spector’, a mixed reality platform that aids mechanics with onboarding, retraining and troubleshooting, saving them upto 30% time on work instruction comprehension. Their customizable training modules have been proven to increase occupational safety and asset utilization, along with decreasing repair and maintenance costs


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Workforce Technologies


Konstantyn Shyshkin & Andrii Ieroshevych

Summary of our venture engine

In our Venture Engine, we create networks of industry leaders alongside a pool of validated solutions and their founders that can make a tangible change in specific domains. Then we ensure that these founders find traction in their market and are able to deliver upon their solution.



Receives investment from Unknown Group.


Wins the Lufthansa Technic Startup Challenge, being awarded a pilot project.

Graduated from the Airforce Accelerator powered by Techstars.


Founded by Konstantyn Shyshkin & Andrii Ieroshevych

“Soon businesses will turn to AR tools for time and cost optimization that will be followed by demand for quality control automation. Together with Unknown Group, we will be ready to equip them with powerful tools and gateway solutions”.

Konstantyn Shyshkin

Venturers Involved

Hendrik Halbe
Roy van der Loos
Hans Peddemors