Data is the “crude oil of the digital era”. Decision-makers around the world are increasingly depending on refined data to inform their choices. There is now a need – more than ever before – to demystify, transform and navigate petabytes of raw data into information and extract actionable insights from it as fast as possible.


This is where OPT/NET excels. Powered by their range of AI products, OPT/NET envisions a future where any organization can navigate oceans of data and uncover valuable insights to make intelligent decisions in real-time. OPT/NET has already realized research and development collaborations with SpaceTech giants, European Space Agency and European Commission H2020 program,  alongside their technology being commercially adopted by leading Dutch corporates like KPN, VodafoneZiggo, and IBM Netherlands.


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Data Analysis


Taras Matselyukh

Summary of our venture engine

In our Venture Engine, we create networks of industry leaders alongside a pool of validated solutions and their founders that can make a tangible change in specific domains. Then we ensure that these founders find traction in their market and are able to deliver upon their solution.



Partnered up with Unknown Group


Raised 500,000 pre-series A investment


Incorporated as a company, spinning out their unique AI-related intellectual property into a separate commercial entity

“Not only does Unknown Group have a deep network of relevant industry contacts and the ability to communicate meaningful business cases to them, but they also intimately understand the nature of entrepreneurship in general through their extensive exposure in the startup community”

Taras Matselyuk

Venturers Involved

Hendrik Halbe