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By investing together with the industry in technologies that make the future of work safer and healthier.

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To inspire our partners we screen thousands of technology solutions in every corner of the world and develop insights on relevant use cases, trends and developments.


Via our activities we actively connect our partners with each other to realize collaborations to develop and implement solutions, including research projects, PoCs, subsidies and grants.


Through our investment fund and partner network we invest up to €3mln in promising solutions and support companies with raising additional capital.




Wearable technologies that can be worn as tools on the body, embedded in clothing, tattooed on the skin, or even implanted in the body. Focus areas include mixed reality, smart cameras, sensor technology, smart textiles and smart PPE.


Empowering the worker

Technologies that enhance the strength of the worker to make physically demanding and repetitive jobs healthier and safer. Focus areas cover passive and powered exoskeletons for every part of the body including, back support, power gloves and chairless chairs.


Bridging physical and digital

Data measurement tools and analytics that generate insights on health, safety and productivity of the worker. These measurements can include biometric, environmental or process-oriented data.

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