June 16, 2021

Unknown Workforce Solutions of the Month – June 2021

In May, we visited Munich as part of our Get in the Ring Workforce Technologies Competition. Here we scouted and connected with the leading German solutions that are making a positive impact on workforces. Three solutions that most caught our eye are:

AR-Experts – On-site AR Content Generation in Seconds

AR-Experts, the winning solution of Get in the Ring Munich – Workforce Technologies focuses on the main bottleneck in wide-spread utilization and implementation of Augmented Reality: content creation. AR-Experts enables organizational employees to seamlessly create AR-based instructions for the purposes of production, service or product manuals.


Why it benefits the future of work: With their GIRI App, organizations can create intuitive AR-based instructions in 90 seconds, which according to their research enables workers to perform 83% better.


Who this is useful for: Industrial partners active in manufacturing, field service or maintenance.


FORMATION – Collaborative Maps to Empower Location-Based Workforces

FORMATION provides collaborative maps to empower the Location-Based Workforce. From simple factory outlets to the most advanced technology setups with comprehensive digital twin solutions, their solution to seamlessly integrate the workforce into digitized value chains is key for industry 4.0 readiness and next-generation Smart Manufacturing.

Why it benefits the future of work: Bridging data and logistic silos in the process and manufacturing industries. An effective tool to cohesively integrate an organization’s most important asset – its workers.

Who this is useful for: Larger enterprises, 10.000+ sqm manufacturing facilities, maintenance providers, logistics operators and facility managers


How.fm – Multi-language Blue-collar Worker Onboarding

How.fm helps customers with high-volume training solutions for workers speaking any language based on easily documented and updated standards across sites, ensuring safety and compliance as well as continuous improvement in their operations.

Why it benefits the future of work: How.fm allows organizations to easily document and keep occupational policies and best practice standards up-to-date. These can then be shared with permanent and temp workers as automatically translated, trackable, video-like experiences on mobile devices, enabling training and upskilling at scale.

Who this is useful for: Customers employing a blue-collar workforce in manual operations across verticals, for example third-party logistics providers or brands and manufacturers operating production or warehouse sites involving manual labor.


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