November 18, 2020

Unknown Workforce Solutions of the Month – November 2020

For November 2020, our focus area was Artificial Intelligence in Workforce Optimization & Quality Control.


Quality control is a critical function in the manufacturing industry. More so when you are manufacturing premium heavy automobiles like buses and trucks for a global market. Like most digitally advanced manufacturers, our client invests significantly in next-gen technologies like robotics and IoT to minimize faults in the production line. But with the sensors and connected devices spitting out complex and huge volumes of data, quality control becomes a data and analytics problem in no time.


Here are the three boldest and most unconventional solutions we discovered:


Iterate Labs – Digitizing Motion Into Data-Driven Insights

Founded in 2016, Boston-based Iterate Labs have developed an AI-powered IOT platform that digitizes human motion into precise, actionable, data-driven insights.

Why this makes work healthier: Through this, they deliver insights to companies for productivity, training and safety purposes. Their unique proposition is to combine wearable technologies with artificial intelligence to arrive at actionable insights.

Who this is useful for: Companies working in all forms of manufacturing and food processing.



Gideon Bros – Robots Designed to Assist in Warehouses & Logistics

Gideon Bros develop visual perception-based autonomous robots designed to assist in warehouses and other industrial logistics work.

Why this makes work healthier: These devices solve many of the safety-related issues common in warehouses and radically improve logistical efficiency. Founded in Croatia in 2017, their unique proposition is to use a combination of artificial intelligence, 3D computer vision, deep learning technologies, LiDar scanning and automated navigation to safely handle a wide variety of goods.

Who this is useful for: Warehouses, fulfillment centres, airports, any industry that requires heavy lifting.



Mindcurrent“Fitbit For The Brain”

Founded in Beaverton, Oregon in 2018, Mindcurrent has developed a stress management app designed to boost retention, performance, creativity, happiness and trust in the workplace.

Why this makes work healthier: The app preemptively helps prevent stress related issues that are becoming more and more common in these uncertain times. It leverages AI to recognize the user’s unique daily patterns and give recommendations to manage stress, without requiring the user to provide “how are you feeling?” data.

Who this is useful for: Employers that have some insight into the dynamic schedules of their employees.


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