December 20, 2020

Unknown Workforce Solutions of the Month – December 2020

To close out 2020, our focus area was a workforce technology domain that has taken a big leap forward this year: Industrial Automation and Inspection Technologies. 

Automation was once a newfangled idea, but the technology has now become widely accessible. No longer a futuristic concept, industrial automation is now much more practical, allowing organizations to ease pain points and cut costs across departments. It also allows for more accurate execution, planning and forecasting. This ultimately augments manual labor and helps workers make smarter decisions on the shop floor or behind the scenes.

Here are our three leading solutions in this domain:


Invert Robotics –  Robots That Inspect Workfloors By Climbing on Non-Magnetic Surfaces

UK-based Invert Robotics specialize in inspection solutions and have made a unique robot which is capable of climbing on non-magnetic surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, carbon and rubber.  


Why this makes work healthier: The robot effectively eliminates the need for extensive permitting, removing the need for humans to be present in confined and hazardous spaces. The robot is far quicker than traditional methods of inspection and could save crucial time in reporting issues.


Who this is useful for: Industrial settings in the food, chemical manufacturing and energy domains.



EYECUE – Computer Vision-powered Insights To Prevent Workplace Accidents


Fingermark’s EYECUE computer vision technology is a smart safety system.


Why this makes work healthier: EYECUE gives alerts when non-procedural, potentially fatal activity occurs near hazardous objects such as large machinery to prevent accidents. This reduces the human exposure to risk at large industrial facilities. 


Who this is useful for: Mining, Construction and Infrastructure industries.



GuardHat – End-to-end Smart Wearables For Industrial Workers 


Guardhat exists to create a safer industrial workplace. Guardhat sells an end-to-end connected worker solution, meaning smart wearables, an IIoT platform, and front-end monitoring and analytics software, with an expanding ecosystem of partners and integrations across devices and software. 


Why it benefits the future of work: Guardhat provides companies a new way of seeing things that couldn’t be seen before, and of empowering the workforce to make better decisions—the ones that save lives, improve response times and tactics and increase productivity. 


Who this is useful for: Their business model combines hybrid SaaS and hardware purchase or lease options and is most applicable for companies in the oil & gas, construction, chemical, utility, mining/metals and manufacturing industries, with 2,000+ frontline workers, that self-insure for workers compensation.


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