March 18, 2021

Unknown Workforce Solutions of the Month – March 2021

In our preparation for Get in the Ring Eindhoven – Workforce Technologies, our focus was finding market-ready solutions that make work safer and healthier. With this focus, we came across two leading Dutch solutions and another from the US.  Here are our three leading Workforce Technologies of the month:

Laevo – Mechanical Exoskeletons To Prevent Back Injuries


Founded in 2013, Rijswijk-based Laevo develop exoskeleton technology designed to prevent back injuries in different industries.

Why it benefits the future of work: Their wearable exoskeleton is spring-loaded and works without batteries that carry part of the upper body weight of the user, thereby reducing the stress on the back muscles. This enables companies to create long-term employability and enjoyable working conditions for their employees.

Who this is useful for: Industries where heavy lifting is common, for example: logistics, military, construction or agriculture.


Sensar – Remote Satellite Tracking Deformations in Civil Infrastructures


Sensar provides an enterprise platform intended to monitor millimeter-level deformations in civil infrastructures from satellites. The company offers scalable and affordable solutions to harness the power of satellite observation to manage risks related to ground subsidence or structural weakness, helping civil engineering and decision-making professionals to make business decisions with ease.  

Why it benefits the future of work: Analyzing and improving the structural integrity of buildings limits risk for maintenance work and residents.

Who this is useful for: This solution is most applicable in the construction and infrastructure industries. 


RetroCausal – Digitizing Manual Assembly Activities Via Visual Analytics

A US-based Artificial Intelligence startup, RetroCausal’s technology boosts quality control and continuous improvement by digitizing manual assembly activities through visual analytics.


Why it benefits the future of work: Their insights provide increased visibility to decision-makers to identify bottlenecks, improve productivity and limit accidents.  


Who this is useful for: Industrial engineers, line operators, operational excellence leaders and trainers.  


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