April 18, 2021

Unknown Workforce Solutions of the Month – April 2021

This month we focused on Dutch solutions in Advanced Data Analytics, Robotics & Automation and Training & Inspection for our project with SMRT & Bolloré. We are simultaneously preparing for Get in the Ring Munich – Workforce Technologies by scouting for Germany-based unconventional workforce solutions.  Our Workforce Technology Solutions of the Month comprise for April 2021 comprise of:


Okibo – Autonomous Robot For The Construction Industry 

Okibo have developed an autonomous robot for applications of finishing materials. Their robot is designed to work in the harsh conditions of a construction site, the robot work is highly accurate, faster than a human worker, the robot reaches 3m high without ladders/scaffolds, the robot monitors its material usage and can predict the time of execution. 


Why it benefits the future of work: Okibo addresses several challenges in the construction industry: lack of skilled professional workers; low productivity; no monitoring/predictability of the work, creating delays and cost overrun and various safety issues with their robot.


Who this is useful for: Construction industry.



Inligo – VR Training to Recreate Realistic Critical Situations

Inligo Virtual Training is designed by personnel with field knowledge in order to make VR training as realistic as possible. Inligo offers a drag-and-drop tool making it possible to quickly create new scenarios on the fly. 


Why it benefits the future of work: A full VR solution that enables users to recreate realistic critical situations in a safe environment to conduct repetitive training. This enables workers to be prepared for when they encounter critical situations in the field.


Who this is useful for: This solution is particularly useful in high-risk, difficult-to-replicate scenarios in industries such as defense or construction.



SwipeGuide – Workforce Excellence Platform To Reduce Errors & Downtime

SwipeGuide: SwipeGuide is a leading Workforce Excellence platform, providing knowledge performance and effortless improvements for manufacturing operations – Creating, sharing and tracking digital work instructions that reduce errors and downtime.


Why it benefits the future of work: Their factory app provides operators and field service engineers with a user-friendly solution for scalable work instructions and procedures to make them excel in their jobs. 


Who this is useful for: This solution is relevant for manufacturing, food & beverage and other industries where instructions are highly important and difficult to communicate efficiently. 



ReliaSol – Predictive Maintenance To Reduce Downtime & Maintenance Costs

ReliaSol is an experienced predictive maintenance solution provider tackling downtime and high maintenance costs. They provide automated generation of new analytic models and continuous recalibration, as well as integration from multiple data sources and connections to full datasets (thousand of sensors) and cloud architecture. 


Why it benefits the future of work: Their AI prediction engine retrieves data from existing sensors through integration with LC/DCS/SCADA system and processed in the cloud to offer a holistic and easy-to-deploy solution. 


Who this is useful for: Their ideal customers are end-users and OEM’s from targeted industries (Energy, Oil & Gas, Metal & Mining, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Warehouses) by direct or indirect (Business Partners) business models.


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