August 18, 2021

Unknown Workforce Solutions of the Month – August 2021

For August, we have three innovative Dutch health and safety startup solutions that we’re excited to introduce you to. Is one or more of them a good fit for your organization? Let us know and we will be happy to facilitate a meeting!


CAPPTIONS – 3x Faster Measurement of Employee Health & Safety Data

Capptions is a company focused on Software for Standards compliance, QHSE and Operations management. They help teams achieve excellent outcomes in the safety and quality of their operations, supporting them to deliver upon their brand promises.

Why it benefits the future of work: Capptions offer a user-friendly app that is available in the moment and on the spot for anyone engaged in sharing their observations for improving their company’s operations.

Who this is useful for: Relevant for any professional in any industry but they focus on Construction, Maritime, Packaging and Oil & Energy.

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MAPGAGE – Mobile Geospatial Data Collection Tool

Mapgage is a Geographic Information System Mapping (GIS) platform dedicated to enabling field workers by integrating their field operations knowledge with other digital data sources.

Why it benefits the future of work: Mapgage empowers field workers to share their knowledge within field operations and aims to demonstrate that field workers and sensors can work together and deliver powerful data.

Who this is useful for: Mapgage is particularly relevant for companies and administrations with geographically distributed operations looking to use geo data to make the right decision.

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ANSENSE TECHNOLOGIES – Lone Worker Personal Safety Devices 

Ansense Technologies are developing innovative personal safety and clean air monitoring devices. Their usage of multiple communication technologies, extensive data analytics and asset management information system makes their solution unique and can be deployed as a lone worker solution providing personal safety and operational advisories and support to employees working without supervision.

Why it benefits the future of work: The Ansense Technology Gas Monitor is designed to be a personal safety device with a connection to a 24/7 monitored dedicated proprietary alarm server and/or first responders with (ATEX) mobile telephones.

Who this is useful for: Companies in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Metal, Mining, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Waste and Sewage Management.

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