March 7, 2022

Eni and Unknown Group Partner up to Unlock Opportunities for Startups in Angola


Eni, one of the supermajor energy companies worldwide, and Unknown Group, a global venture capital and business development firm that helps founders venture beyond known, share the ambition of creating sustainable impact by supporting a just energy transition.


This shared ambition added to the myriad of opportunities in Angola – a country with tremendous potential for the energy transition – brought to life the Sustainable Impact Challenge. This challenge is meant to fuel founders from around the world and locally from Angola, to successfully bring their innovations in water management, environmental protection, and off-grid energy to the market. Relevant solutions for this challenge are able to provide electricity and clean fuel to the rural communities, tackle waste management and eliminate chemicals to minimize the negative impact. 


With its launch today, Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen, COO & Partner at Unknown Group, is ready to bring operational excellence to this program: “We are excited to support Eni in their daring drive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. With this program, we support like-minded founders to successfully bring their innovations to the market together with ENI”.


Acting as a gateway partner to Africa, Eni is providing collaboration opportunities in the region for the most promising startups and scaleups. To ensure founders are aware of the great business opportunities, Eni will provide all the necessary tools and insights towards a future adoption of their solutions and a just energy transition.


Eni is seeking the brightest minds for innovative startups and scaleups to launch sustainable solutions in Angola. The Sustainable Impact Challenge is for local and global ventures to bring their solutions to Africa and make a lasting impact to empower local communities and their development. To apply, visit the Sustainable Impact Challenge webpage.