March 30, 2022

Introducing Titaan: Our New Unknown Campus in The Hague, Aimed at Supporting Founders to Scale Impactful Solutions

Originally published in Dutch by the Municipality of The Hague.


The Municipality of The Hague has decided to sell “Titaan”, a new innovation hub that is currently being built in the Binckhaven, to Unknown Group. Next autumn, the first tenants will move into the new multi-company building of approximately 13,000 m2 in Saturnusstraat.


In 2018, the city council decided to transform the building in the Binckhorst. It became clear from discussions with various market parties that selling would lead to a more successful innovation concept than exploitation by the municipality. That is why the municipality decided last year to sell Titaan. By drawing up specific criteria, the municipality has succeeded in guaranteeing its objectives, such as making agreements about affordable rents. About 60 spaces will be made available in the multi-tenant building for innovative and creative companies, with a terrace at the front.


An independent assessment committee unanimously selected Unknown Group’s plan as the winner of the tender. The plan focuses on startups and scale-ups that work on sustainable innovations in the field of water, food, energy and climate. Unknown Group was founded by entrepreneurs from The Hague and has been focusing on the international world of innovative startup companies for some time now. Alderman of The Hague, Saskia Bruines said: “The plan of Unknown Group is a quality boost for the Binckhaven, an environment characterized by innovative companies that work towards a better world. Unknown Group is a valuable asset to entrepreneurship, talent and employment in The Hague.”


The Hague as the place for innovative sustainable companies

In the coming years, the Binckhorst will be transformed into a mixed residential, working and living environment. De Titaan is located next to the Caballero Fabriek. The area is characterized as a creative breeding ground for innovative companies. Alderman Saskia Bruines said: “I am pleased that we have succeeded in realizing a location of this size. The pressure for sufficient space to do business is great in The Hague. For many companies it is difficult to find a place in The Hague. With the Titaan, a lot of new space will become available.”


Martin Luxemburg, Director of Campus & Education at Unknown Group, is proud of the result of the tender: “Titaan will become the hotspot for impact scale-ups in Europe, strengthening The Hague’s ambition as the #1 impact city. We look forward to a broad collaboration and therefore invite everyone to help build innovations for a better world.”


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