May 17, 2021

Singapore Unlocked Removes International Barriers for 12 Dutch Startups to Upgrade Workforce Capabilities

Unknown Group’s “Unlocked” concept aims to tackle regional challenges from around the world by removing international barriers for daring founders and help them scale their solutions in collaboration with local governments, corporates and investors. For Singapore Unlocked, Unknown Group is teaming up with SMRT Ventures and Bolloré Logistics to give Dutch ventures in the field of transportation & logistics a soft-landing in Singapore, and fast-track their expansion in the Asian market. The goal of the Singapore Unlocked challenge is to identify the most promising solutions that are able to make physically demanding and repetitive jobs smarter. SMRT Ventures and Bolloré Logistics are opening their doors for 12 Dutch ventures in the field of transportation & logistics. Discover the selected solutions that will be introduced to key ecosystem players in Singapore and will participate in dealmaking meetings with leading corporate partners:


21CC Education

21CC Education is an internationally operating digital training organization that focuses on the logistics industry. The 21CC App offers intuitive learning experiences through games, e-learnings, movies, PDFs.

Their intuitive, visually attractive mobile learning experience with deep knowledge make learning fun and attractive, and help promote the logistics industry to young people and new employees. Their solution tackle safety, quality, (un)employment, and motivation issues in the logistics industry.


AutoFill Technologies

AutoFill Technologies is a machine intelligence company specialized in AI, Computer Vision and Deep Learning to significantly improve speed and quality of inspections.

Most quality inspections and maintenance scheduling for rail systems and large enterprise fleets are performed manually, which is expensive and prone to errors. Their solution enable inspectors to rapidly diagnose anomalies thus reducing manual interventions and ensure higher quality of performed inspections.


Reliability Solutions

ReliaSol’s predictive & prescriptive maintenance platform supports customers to increase their production up time, decrease maintenance costs and increases safety. Their automated AI technology allows to deliver higher accuracy, better scalability and faster time to value than conventional solutions.

Their solution tackle issues related to unplanned maintenance, downtime of machines, unexpected resource allocation, and production goals that are not being met.



OneWatt is an AI company providing a non-invasive, non-contact predictive motor health maintenance system using sound. They provide the SENS-A software along with their own smart hardware solution: EARS (acoustic monitoring) and the LOBE (vibration, pressure, and temperature monitoring), which can be integrated with third party sensors that do not have smart capabilities.

OneWatt creates smart predictive maintenance solutions that prevent unwanted downtime, boost operational efficiency, and reduce operating expenses in industrial facilities using non-invasive IoT sensors combined with proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms. Their solution is available at an affordable subscription rate, thus being a sustainable option to implement in any industrial facility.



CargoSnap increase visibility across the supply chain and provide information such as photos, videos and document scans. By using CargoSnap for data collection, companies are able to increase quality and consistency of their logistics processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction and less claims.

Now, supply chain partners need more visibility than ever. Missing components such as photos, videos and document scans are expected to be exchanged across the supply chain. CargoSnap supports shippers and logistics service providers with a no-code fix which allows them to create data capturing solutions specifically suited for their logistics operations. CargoSnap provides the ML driven tools to capture information, straight in the logistics operation, with little effort from personnel in warehouses and terminals.



Fizyr is an AI software for picking unknown items & parcels, depalletizing, and truck unloading, used by global integrators. They provide the software enabling integrators to make robots smart.

Order and parcel picking in logistics is worldwide still performed by humans. Their SaaS solution enable robots using computer vision to pick unknown items & parcels, let alone depalletizing and truck unloading.



SwipeGuide facilitate workforce excellence through digital standard work. The SwipeGuide platform and apps empower manufacturers to improve operational knowledge and performance across sites, lines, and teams. Therefore, they improve First-Time-Right (+26%) while increasing knowledge retention by 25%

Their solution improve frontline productivity through crowdsourced knowledge with a cloud-based B2B SaaS platform; foster crowdsourced knowledge sharing and scale best practices across shop floors; empower frontline workers to excel in their jobs by increasing First-Time-Right across teams, lines and plants; integrate learning into the workflow for upskilling & reskilling; improve central repository of critical operational knowledge.


Laevo Exoskeletons

Laevo produce smart exoskeletons to alleviate, reduce and prevent work-related back pain.

Their solution prolongs the productive life of heavy duty workers, by relieving the body of strain using wearable robotics. Their spring-based support system is easy to wear, easy to use, and can fit any individual. They promote health and safety at work, enabling employers to reduce costs, improve productivity, and cut absence.



The Lowpads are ultra-low Autonomous Mobile Robots that optimize intralogistics by automating transport tasks. The AMRs are equipped with independent driven steering wheels and a multifunctional LiDAR camera system in order to operate autonomously. They can be implemented in the existing infrastructure directly.

Their solution tackle the demand for higher productivity due to the rise of e-commerce. Guided by their in-house developed software layers, they facilitate a scalable and intelligent solution for various logistical processes. By automating simple transport tasks with the Lowpad, organisations can increase their productivity and often significantly decrease costs.


Warp VR

Warp VR offers a SaaS platform for immersive learning. They enable employees to train in real-life situations, on any device, through interactive 360° video learning experiences.

Their solution simulates real-life experiences through virtual reality/augmented reality to avoid high-risk environments or situations that are too costly to model. Additionally, they foster personal & professional development. Their immersive VR training scenarios can easily be created in the web-based Warp Studio platform, are instantly made available via mobile phone (apps), and provide analytics to track performance.



SenseGlove allows intuitive interactions with virtual objects. This is facilitated by their haptic and force feedback glove, which simulates the feeling of virtual objects. By enabling touch, users can naturally interact in a virtual reality environment, and move from procedural training to skill training.

Their solution enable touch in virtual reality environments, therefore users can interact as they would do in real life cases, and develop better skills.


UNL is a smart addressing platform for navigation & location-based services. They are building the Internet of Places – a dynamic, digital infrastructure that brings a new dimension to real-life places through content, context and automation.

Their solution converts any location to a point-of-sale, a point-of-delivery, a point-of-payment, and a point-of-experience. Ultimately, they are able to make locations smart and transactional.

The Singapore Unlocked challenge is a part of the Partners for International Business program Scale Singapore that allows Dutch businesses to realize their international ambitions. This program is a result of close collaboration stemming from the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Enterprise Singapore and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) during Singapore President Halimah Yacob’s State Visit to the Netherlands in November 2018 to strengthen collaboration in innovation and provide market access to Europe and Southeast Asia. Additionally, Unknown Group with support from Enterprise Singapore is currently running the Go Beyond program which aims to help Singapore startups and SMEs to enter the European market through The Netherlands.