March 31, 2021

Fujitsu And Unknown Group Unveil The Selected Startups Of Fujitsu Accelerator Asia Programme

The Hague, March 25. Following an intensive outreach campaign to more than 14,000 startups by Unknown Group, and a selection process that featured 200+ startup profiles from 43 different countries ranging from Argentina to Malaysia, Fujitsu and Unknown Group have announced the five selected startups of Fujitsu’s “Smart Factory, Smart Retail Challenge”:



All five selected startups of the “Smart Factory, Smart Retail Challenge” were part of Unknown Group´s targeted communication campaign focused on the most innovative solutions that fit this challenge. The winners have been invited to Fujitsu’s Acceleration Program, the goal of this Fujitsu Accelerator is to provide new values to the world by combining innovative Startup technologies and products with Fujitsu Group products and solution services. It aims to create new business opportunities by matching Startups with Fujitsu’s business divisions and group companies. The five selected startups will gain access to Fujitsu Japan’s local and international partners, resources and start discussions on their pilot projects.


The “Smart Factory, Smart Retail Challenge” was launched in November 2020 with the goal of identifying and scaling technology solutions that can further advance innovations surrounding automation, productivity and efficiency across their entire supply chain of smart and safe factories and retail in the Asia Pacific region. 


Partner of Unknown Group, Jochem Cuppen said: “We’re very excited by the potential of the five solutions that emerged as the selected startups of the “Smart Factory, Smart Retail Challenge”. At Unknown, we want to fuel founders to answer their ‘calling’ and this challenge is a great example of how startup-corporate collaborations can be leveraged by founders to take the next step in growing their company.”


Zibin Peng, Manager of Fujitsu’s Accelerator Program said : ”At Fujitsu, we believe an important measure for us is to provide new values to the society and customers and help them accelerate digital transformation through collaboration with advanced and innovative startups. We selected the solutions from these five startups because we see the high potential to help us address challenges facing our current customers in the Asia Pacific region”.


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