September 16, 2021

Spiral Technology: Our Newest Investment Fueling G.E. And US Air Force With Mixed Reality Solutions

We’re excited to share that Unknown Group will be fuelling Spiral Technology, a leading US-based venture in the space of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (XR) for industrial automation. 


Technologies like AR and XR have had an accelerated adoption in the last year, especially in industrial workplaces. Factors like the increased emphasis on health and safety on the work floor, restrictions on on-site workforce interactions, adoption of remote work and have shown that industries are ready for disruption. With the investment in Spiral Technology, we’re betting on a future where AR and XR training will be leveraged to augment workforces worldwide.


Founded in 2018 by Konstantyn Shyshkin and Andrii Ieroshevych, Spiral Technology has created ‘Spector’, a mixed reality platform that aids mechanics with onboarding, retraining and troubleshooting, saving them upto 30% time on work instruction comprehension. Their customizable training modules have been proven to increase occupational safety and asset utilization, along with decreasing repair and maintenance costs. In 2019, they graduated from the Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstars, a program that led to their solutions being adopted by the US Air Force.


Konstantyn Shyshkin, CEO and Founder of Spiral Technology said: “After getting to know Jochem and the team better, we recognized them to be a strategic partner. We share the vision for an AR-aided industry worker and how bringing knowledge and computation to his eyes will jumpstart the next wave of digitization. Soon businesses will turn to AR tools for time and cost optimization that will be followed by a demand for quality control automation. Together with Unknown Group we will be ready to equip them with powerful tools and gateway solutions”.


Following our 2017 investment in Rotterdam-based industrial exoskeleton pioneer, Skelex, the investment in Spiral Technology is our next one in the domain of Workforce Technologies.


We first met Spiral Technology in 2020, when they participated and won Get in the Ring Singapore – Workforce Augmentation. At the time, Jochem Cuppen, Director of Unknown Workforce Technologies, said: “We were most excited by the potential offered by Spiral Technology in bringing mixed reality solutions to help empower engineers working on complex aircraft maintenance and repairs for improved speed and passenger safety. It was a close competition but in the end, the promise of combining the best of human skilled workers with the power of Augmented Reality proved an irresistible combination”.


The investment in Spiral Technology is the first by us in this domain since we announced the creation of Unknown Workforce Technologies — our Venture Engine dedicated to making physical work safer and healthier — earlier this year.


Unknown Workforce Technologies – What’s That?


The health and safety of workers in physical jobs is a global challenge. One that we see space to leverage technology to create tangible impact for workforces around the world. With Unknown Workforce Technology Venture Engine, our vision is to make workers the athletes of tomorrow. To make this happen, we have brought together an ever-growing network of top leaders in a domain – industry players and innovative solutions – that can make physical work safer and healthier. 


Jochem Cuppen, Partner at Unknown Group and Director of Unknown Workforce Technologies said: ”By scaling technologies like Spiral Technology that tangibly make work healthier, Unknown Workforce Technologies is realizing safer work conditions for employees, consequently improving their quality of life. Companies today have a responsibility to their workforces to invest in solutions that positively impact their health – leveraging AR and XR for employee training is one such application we see space for innovation in”.



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