September 13, 2021

Creating An AI-powered Future That Brings Complex Data Analytics To Your Fingertips

Meet OPT/NET, the newest solution we are fueling with our venture acceleration expertise, that makes it easy for anyone to access vast quantities of data in an analysis-ready format and to extract valuable insights from oceans of streaming data close to real-time.


Data is the “crude oil of the digital era”. Decision-makers around the world are increasingly depending on refined data to inform their choices. There is now a need – more than ever before – to demystify, transform and navigate petabytes of raw data into information and extract actionable insights from it as fast as possible.


This is where OPT/NET excels. Powered by their range of AI products, OPT/NET envisions a future where any organization can navigate oceans of data and uncover valuable insights to make intelligent decisions in real-time. OPT/NET has already realized research and development collaborations with SpaceTech giants, European Space Agency and European Commission H2020 program,  alongside their technology being commercially adopted by leading Dutch corporates like KPN, VodafoneZiggo, and IBM Netherlands. Furthermore, the world’s largest Cloud and AI computing providers, including AWS Activate, Google Cloud Services and NVIDIA have selected OPT/NET for their startup support programs in anticipation of increased adoption of their existing and upcoming commercial products.


In the not-so-distant future, OPT/NET’s vision is to simplify AI-powered data analysis for everyday users and to make it an easy and affordable process for even smaller businesses to leverage the power of huge data.  Their CEO and Co-Founder, Taras Matselyukh said: “Our vision at OPT/NET is that our products will enable anyone in need of rapid and intelligent analysis the affordable services of a suite of advanced AI assistants tailored to their specific domain — this will truly make us all superhumans without any genetic engineering or funky mutations required! In certain domains, this future is already being realized by OPT/NET’s products. By 2040 – as our product portfolio grows to cover new and exciting areas of data-driven human activity – we expect no area of human expertise to be outside the reach of the OptOSS AI family of products, enabling human evolution to achieve the proverbial singularity of minds, biological and artificial alike”.


Led by Taras, the Founding team of OPT/NET includes his son, Seva (CCO/CFO), Jan Stip (COO) and Mohan Rao (Marketing Director) , who combined have over 50 years of experience with building, serving and assuring the flawless performance of complex networks around the world.


Speaking on why OPT/NET chose Unknown as their venture acceleration partner, Mr. Matselyukh said: “As we cruise through to the 2nd half of 2021 with several notable commercial successes coming to light, we were looking for a partner that could aid us in spreading the good word and supercharge the business development efforts across our key verticals”. 


He continues: “Not only does Unknown Group have a deep network of relevant industry contacts and the ability to communicate meaningful business cases to them, but they also intimately understand the nature of entrepreneurship in general through their extensive exposure in the startup community. As such, we really couldn’t have found a better fit and we look forward to working together closely to deliver the promise of AI to a great many new customers and sectors!”


With this partnership, we will be taking a leading role in their business development activities in the European market and work with their founding team to tailor value propositions to different customer segments while tapping into our global network to connect them with potential clients. 


Speaking on Unknown’s Venture Acceleration activities, our CEO, Hendrik Halbe said: “Fueling founders to answer their calling can’t only be done with venture capital financing. To take ventures beyond their conventional horizons in a sustainable way, what’s needed is adoption by the market and the network necessary to facilitate that”. 


Over the last decade, we have developed expertise in venturing with industry leaders like Shell, Rabobank, Fujitsu, Hyundai, L’oreal and Philips to arm them with the competitive advantage of bold and innovative startup solutions from around the world. With this, we have developed an acute understanding of the ingredients needed to deliver in the market.


Halbe continues: “With the Venture Acceleration arm of Unknown, we leverage our experience in venturing in 110+ countries with Get in the Ring and our understanding of go-to-market strategies from venturing with industry leaders to accelerate bold and unconventional solutions. We are excited to be able to use our expertise in bringing OPT/NET’s advanced AI data analysis products & solutions to their ideal clients. We resonate greatly with their founding team’s vision of making big data analysis easy and affordable for broad bases of the users and are excited to get to work!”.


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