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Large corporations in Brazil are starting to understand that innovation is essential for growth, and for that you need to succesfully collaborate with start-ups and scaleups. Various industries already do work with inhouse or joined Innovation Labs and Hubs, where ventures work together with industry leaders.

However, with the Venture Engine®, Unknown can bring a much broader ecosystem to the Brazilian market, as being an international player with a global footprint. Brazilian companies can become more global when being connected with international ventures, and adopt international innovative ideas and solutions.

Enterprises Work With Us To

Reach impact goals

Our Venture Engine, is your competitive advantage. Be the first to spot emerging trends and connect with early-stage ventures in strategic directions relevant to your impact goals.

Create New Revenue Streams

We support you and the ventures you work with to achieve bottom-line results and bring business opportunities to scale.

Optimize Current Business

We create your dedicated global ecosystem and intelligence unit. Fully ran by Unknown, none of your time or effort is required. Continuous deep insights into emerging trends.

Our focus activities in Brazil


Exploring the future of fuels by assessing the global market of alternative fuels in-depth. For 7 types of alternative fuels (i.e. 1G ethanol, Advanced biofuels, Biodiesel, Biomethane, Hydrogen, Propane, and Electricity), global usage & maturity, environmental impact, and feasibility in Brazil have been analyzed, resulting in both short- and long-term opportunities that are applicable in Brazil.


Focused on delivering tasty, healthy, accessible and sustainable food for all. We do that by diving into the following focus areas: Alternative proteins, Digitalization, Sustainable packaging, Resilient and transparent chains, Food loss and waste, and Healthy and sustainable diets. This is a very important domain in one of the world’s biggest proteine producing countries; Brazil.


Exploring innovative business areas that contribute to carbon emission reduction globally. By assessing criteria such as their maturity, competitiveness & implementability, environmental impact, as well as analyzing startup & investment data, various relevant opportunities related to carbon reduction, carbon off-setting and carbon utilization have been identified that are applicable to the Brazilian market.


Every day millions of craftsmen and women go to work in extreme environments to build the products and buildings we use in our daily lives. Often these workers become more skilled with time – but as they get older their bodies get worn out. Huge costs are incurred by companies because of lost productivity due to work-related illness and injuries. With our Venture Engine we create a portfolio of companies committed to make physical work safer and healthier.

Meet our local team

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Guilherme Esteves


The existence of a dynamic startup ecosystem contributes strongly to sustaining innovation, brings dynamism and efficiency to the productivity of industrial leaders, facilitates the diffusion of knowledge, and generates greater opportunities for quality jobs. Startups tend to offer solutions to emerging problems, but they also create demand by developing new forms of business, often to address old problems.

Brazil has enormous potential for generating wealth, qualified jobs and globally adopted technology solutions from the assets present in its startup ecosystem. Over the last years the ecosystem has evolved, the numbers have gained muscle and more startups have been raised to the category of unicorns, which only confirms the relevance of the theme and the current dynamism of the sector.

While open innovation has been increasingly adopted in developed countries, industry leaders in emerging economies such as Brazil markedly fall behind this trend. Late than ever, the country has to overcome internal rigidities and spur the innovative resources and capabilities required for the digital transformation and for addressing grand societal challenges.


Our global startup competition, Get in the Ring provides a global podium to thousands of game-changing solutions, while enabling us to set up networks in 110+ countries. Our dedicated scouting team, powered by our proprietary scouting software, ensures we have a finger on the pulse of innovations worldwide.

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