November 18, 2021

Vengean, A Creative Branding Engine On A Mission To Energise Enterprise, With A Vengeance.

Introducing VENGEAN – the latest venture to become part of Unknown Group. Founded by our CMO, Andy Mosmans, Bram Holzapfel and Cees-Jan de Melker, VENGEAN is a creative branding engine, working with companies ranging from Fortune 500’s to startups and scale-ups to name their game and claim their fame. 


What makes VENGEAN different from other branding agencies? Andy Mosmans, their Co-Founder, says; “We have broad experience having worked at the world’s leading ad agencies, collaborating with both B2B and B2C organizations. Currently, as VENGEAN, we’re working with international ventures like The Kingfish Company, Ecorus, E-magy, Beequip, Patagonia King Salmon and sustainable consumer brands like Little Cow & Cookies ice cream and The Farm Kitchen. We want to be there for ventures and also for corporates that could use some startup spirit. We call that “Energising Enterprise”.


As a vital component of the Unknown Venture Engine, VENGEAN further strengthens our proposition to ventures and founders worldwide – leveraging their expertise to discover, define, develop and deliver brand concepts to maximise impact.


Working with brands that are “beautiful, growing and generating impact at scale”, VENGEAN is the brains behind Unknown’s bold new brand identity, which we debuted in February 2021. More recently, they masterminded the rebrand of another venture in the group, The Global School for Entrepreneurship.


Hendrik Halbe, CEO and Partner at Unknown Group; “Branding is an important factor for startups to differentiate themselves from their competition while leaving a lasting impression on their customers. With VENGEAN, we will empower hundreds of impactful ventures with effective branding and communication”.




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