Benchmark your venture collaboration strategy

Compare your performance to other industry leaders and receive actionable advice to improve your open innovation and venture collaboration efforts.

While the value of collaborating with the industry is abundantly clear of ventures, industry leaders have just as much to gain. When done right, open innovation can deliver bottom line results faster, cheaper and with lower risk compared to internal innovation projects.

However, many executives would agree that realizing the full potential of the global startup and scale-up world remains a challenge. Bad deal flow, differences in culture and scale, and a lack of internal coordination and mandate often kill joint projects before any impact is made. To gain insight into such issues, Unknown Group conducts this exploratory benchmark study.

How can industry leaders structurally get the most out of their venture collaborations?

Participation in this survey offers you inspiration for the (further) development of your venture collaboration strategy and gives you insight into where your organization stands in this area compared to your fellow peers.

1. Ecosystem

Are you a go-to brand for partners, future talent and innovative ventures?

2. Intelligence

Are you aware of emerging trends and do you connect with the best ventures?

3. Business

Do you bring your ventures collaborations to bottom line results?

4. Portfolio

Do you secure long term value by taking strategic positions in mission critical ventures?

Compare yourself to other industry leaders

Via a personal appointment, a specialist hands over the benchmark report with your answers and the answers of your peers.

Improve your venture collaboration strategy

Get inspiration and actionable advice for the (further) development of your venture collaboration strategy

Receive periodic updates

If desired, we will send you periodic updates on the results of our benchmark research.


It will take approximately 15 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Based on your input, you will receive your personal benchmark report that includes an analysis of how well you are performing compared to other anonymous participants. You will be contacted by an industry specialist from Unknown to discuss the outcomes.

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