We build venture programmes that enable collaboration and investment in startups. Our team scout and invest in disruptive innovations needed to stay ahead of the curve. We co-invest in every deal, making us aligned for success.

Scout new technologies

Fuel innovation with startups

Invest & Accelerate Growth

Efficiently processing high volumes of startups


Our tried and tested method is supported by in-house technology that enables us to process a high volume of startup profiles and efficiently assess them.

We are aligned for success.


We believe in what we do. That’s why we co-invest in every deal we make with our corporate partners, making us aligned for success.

Tap into our lessons learnt and best practices


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, experts, academics and investors. Collectively, we have years of experience collaborating with startups, sitting at both ends of the table.

Leveraging our experience and reputation


By combining our reputation as serial entrepreneurs with the credibility of our corporate clients, we’re able to close the best deals with startups worldwide and scale them fast.