Embrace the unknown and get ready for the future

Technology scouting and innovation advisory

for corporates and governments

to explore and connect with unknown companies globally


Bringing connected and automated driving to the market .

Powering 5G Field Test lab with solutions to optimize driving and increase road safety though technologies enabling connected automated driving.


Redefining the response to crisis situations .

Empowering first responders with advanced information systems to make the right decisions when it matters the most.

Royal DSM

Accelerating the transition to additive manufacturing .

Filling the gaps in the value chain to accelerate more sustainable, transparent, and cost-effective way to manufacture products.

Suiker Unie

Converting sugar into sustainable plastics .

Bringing industry partners together to accelerate sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels in plastic production.

We support.


We are your innovation ally supporting in building partnerships with startups.

We help you explore disruptive technologies and upcoming trends on a global scale

We connect you to ventures though challenges, competitions or via targeted- and ecosystem based approaches

We guide you through building partnerships and test collaborations


We help you attract fast growing companies to your region.

We support cities to claim their position in the global innovation ecosystem

We actively screen and attract fast growing companies

We ensure (soft) landing for the innovations in your region to scale

Examples of partners exploring the unknown with us.

Leveraging the strengths of our Group

Get expert support from a global advisory team 

Team of 40 advisors and innovation scouts with experience in investments, corporate innovation and regional innovation ecosystem development. HQ in The Hague and regional offices in London, Monaco, Delhi, Singapore, Dubai, Boston.

Benefit from the best technology scouting process

AI optimized scouting process, own database of 1.2M startups and support from our 300+ referral partners in all corners of the world help us discover untapped potential and best fitting startups for our clients.

Tap into the ecosystem reaching 110+ countries

It’s more than just us, it’s becoming a part of the ecosystem. Established network in 200+ cities and continued trust of 120+ private and public clients globally, puts us in the heart of the innovation ecosystem.

Selection of our services.

Collaboration strategy

Market insight report

Soft landing programs

Worldwide targeted scouting

Regional development programs

Building target lists of companies

Due Diligence

Overview of solutions on the market

Proof of Concept projects