Unknown School


We believe that founders turn the world’s problems into opportunities by venturing beyond known. At Unknown School, shape founders with the skills and mindset to launch and scale impact solutions. Offering continuous learning to founders in all stages of their growth via our accredited BSc and MSc programmes.


150+ Students BSc

15 Students MSc

73 Startups

Nowadays, people are faced with the challenge of having to prepare themselves for a rapidly changing future. Just having a degree no longer guarantees job security, and theoretical frameworks without real-life experience don’t provide the skills to handle adversity. Clearly, a different approach is needed. Never before has it been easier to start a business. Therefore we want to help impact entrepreneurs to overcome doubt and achieve great things through their education. Take our word for it. When you look back on life you don’t want to have to ask yourself the question: What if…?

That’s why we created our own school of Applied Sciences, Global School for Entrepreneurship with fully accredited programmes. We focus on both degree and non-degree education for future founders, ready to scale founders and scale-up founders. We see entrepreneurship as a way to shape your own destiny and make a meaningful contribution to society. The only way to learn how to do this is by doing the work, by actually starting and growing your business.