Empowering industry leaders to do business with founder-driven solutions

We support industry leaders to tap into the unconventional solutions that are turning the world’s problems into opportunities. By venturing with us, corporates and governments benefit from a high-performance technology scouting engine, seasoned dealmaking expertise and a global expert network. A Venture Engine reaching 100+ countries.

Leveraging the strengths of Unknown Group

Get expert support from a global advisory team

Backed by a roster of advisors and innovation scouts with experience in investments, corporate innovation, business development and regional innovation ecosystem development.

Benefit from the best technology scouting process

AI-optimized scouting process, our own database of 1.2M startups and support from our 300+ referral partners in all corners of the world help us unearth the most appropriate venture solutions for our clients.

Tap into a Venture Engine reaching 100+ countries

It’s more than just joining us, it’s about becoming a part of our Venture Engine. With an established network in 200+ cities and continued trust of private and public clients globally, we’re at the heart of the innovation ecosystem.

Empowering corporates and governments to act upon opportunities and do business with founder-driven solutions

We make you see
beyond known

You know where your industry is headed. So does your competition. With Unknown in your corner, you gain exposure to insights and trends to help you stay ahead of your industry. Leverage our local expertise and global reach to explore beyond your horizons.

We enable you to act upon new opportunities

We open doors for your organization to achieve its venturing targets, contributing to your success by presenting you with new opportunities. Enabling you to rapidly assess the feasibility of new venture solutions and make the best bets.

Exploring the unknown with 200+ leading brands

Our expertise in venture capital, corporate innovation and regional innovation ecosystem development puts us in a unique position to drive real business impact. By knowing what industries need, we provide a competitive advantage to market leaders from around the world.

Accelerating the transition to additive manufacturing

Filling the gaps in the value chain for Royal DSM to accelerate more sustainable and transparent way to manufacture products


Together with the industry we identify the challenges for the upcoming 10 years that need to be addressed. Partner up with the solutions in these domains and make a lasting change, in our Venture Engine domains.

Tomorrow’s Taste

Delivering tasty, healthy, accessible and sustainable food for all

WORKFORCE Augmentation

Making physical work healthier and safer


Accelerating the global switch to clean, renewable hydrogen energy

Media & Adtech

Closing the gap to big-tech media with bleeding edge advertising solutions


Technologies championing holistic wellness for the body and mind


Bridging the ‘digital divide’ between startups and traditional reinsurers

We’re committing to solve global challenges
by transforming niche markets.
You can too. Are you in?