Meet our group

Our branded labels focus on supporting ventures on team, traction and cash to scale them out of the unknown. Over the past 30 years we have successfully invested in, founded, scaled and exited multiple ventures.

We believe that with the right focus on your team, gaining traction and having cash, growth is guaranteed.  



Insights on core team performance
with our team scan

Training core team

in our own accredited university

Core team headhunting
we know the best founders worldwide



Score your launching customer
we know innovation directors of 200+ brands

Gain worldwide exposure
through our Get in the Ring platform

International softlanding
with our partner network in 220 cities worldwide



Fund raising
through our international investors network

Financial engineering
with our CFO-as-a-service

We invest ourselves
through our own venture fund

Want to scale faster?

Our group

  • Unknown Innovation

  • Unknown Innovation

    Technology scouting & advisory

    Technology scouting and innovation advisory for corporates and governments to explore and connect with unknown companies globally.

  • Unknown Cash

  • Unknown Cash

    Financial engineering and fund raising support

    We believe that cash is king, so we supports scaling ventures to find, maintain and structure their cash reserves. With our CFO as a service scaling companies get world class financial experts in house, so that the founders can focus on what they do best.

  • Unknown Team

  • Unknown Team

    Founder and Core Team recruitment

    During every fase of growth, the management team requires a changing skill set and abilities to maintain growth. With Unknown Team we find, train and recruit founding and management team member with the right skills and abilities to support ventures in every fase of their growth.

  • Global School for Entrepreneurship

  • Global School for Entrepreneurship

    Accredited entrepreneurship university

    At Global School for Entrepreneurship we consider it our challenge to educate and facilitate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs in the most inspirational and personal way possible. We offer bachelor and master programs on entrepreneurship. We are fully accredited yet completely different from anything out there.

  • Cupola XS

  • Cupola XS

    Knowledge & innovation-centre for SME

    Cupola XS offers growth and innovation support tailored for SME companies. Cupola XS is located in a former panopticon-shaped prison in Haarlem, now relocated as business incubator for SME.

  • Get in the Ring

  • Get in the Ring

    Global Startup Competition

    Get in the Ring is a global startup competition active in over 200 cities. We give opportunities to unconventional solutions in all corners of the world, to prove their solutions and solve 21st century challenges. Working alongside industry leading partners, we support the scale and impact that startups make across the globe.


Work with us

Attract fast growing companies to your city

We support cities to position themselves and attract fast growing companies to their region to make sure these ventures stick around.

Go beyond horizons 

We support corporates in realizing collaborations with external partners by scouting and matchmaking disruptive solutions for their challenges