Take a deep dive into the unknown

We are Unknown. A group of explorers with the same ambition: to unlock the potential of those who like to shape the world. We have a global organization with people all around the world and a team at our HQ in Rotterdam. Find out how we work, check out our vacancies below and join our team.

One team

Working at Unknown Group means working in a diverse team from different backgrounds and with different skills. However, there is one thing that we all have in common: our Core Values. Audacity. Dedication. Inventive. Challenging. Family.


It takes an explorer to see potential. It takes an entrepreneur to unlock it. For us, identifying potential isn’t enough. To make a real impact, you need to take action. We have this entrepreneurial drive to take the next step in everything we do.

Personal development

We take unlocking potential serious within the core of our organisation: our people. To unlock the ‘genius’ within each of the core team members, we have a reflection and training programme with a professional external coach.

Work with big brands

We're at the forefront of open innovation.

We work with innovation departments at big companies on solving challenges through startup solutions.

Ain't seen nothing yet

And live inside the unknown.

We meet the founders that are shaping our future on a daily basis. Seeing the newest technologies arise in areas like biotech, AI and neurosciences. And it amazes us every day.

Got the travel instinct?

You'll find us all around the world.

Our HQ is based in Rotterdam. We have opened offices in Boston, London, Dubai and Delhi and we visit innovation ecosystems in over 40 countries a year.

What is yours?

We come with different backgrounds.

Our team represents over 20 different cultures, speaking 12 languages. From Korean, Italian and Hindi to Chinese and Portuguese. What can you add to this mixture?


Industry specialist Intern

Always looking for the newest innovations?

Digital Marketer Intern

Take user experience to the highest level at our fast growing company

Startup scout Intern

In love with startups?

Sales support Intern

Ready to make sales 110% more effective & efficient?

Event & Project Management Intern

Ready to welcome 3.000 guests?

Business Development Intern

Can you create a start-up corporate business case?

Innovation Program Intern

Do you want to be part of finding the best solutions?

Can’t find something suitable?