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Today, the winners of tomorrow are still small, in large amounts, and unknown to most.

To acquire the companies of tomorrow…


We support cities to claim their position in the global innovation ecosystem


We actively screen and attract fast growing companies


We ensure (soft) landing for the innovations in your region to scale

Helping cities globally to position them selves as innovation leaders in their domain.


Created a new Sustainble Industry Challenge brand .

To achieve Groningen's long term goals, we helped to position it as the global hotspot on renewable energy and raw materials. With the brand we spread the word around the globe, leading to 40.000 web-views in two weeks.


40 most innovative solutions from 19 countries .

Out of the 223 startups interested to solve challenges in Groningen region, together with experts we selected and flew in the top 40 from 19 countries for a 3-day dealmaking meetup with all key stakeholders of the region.

Land & Scale

50% decided to stay in Groningen .

Out of the 40 we flew in, 20 ventures are setting up shop in Groningen to leverage opportunities created with local industry partners. The region is growing to become the leading Chemport of Europe.

“Already for 5 years our mission as Groningen is to attract innovative hydrogen solutions to the region. Interesting enough, Unknown Group invited solutions from all over the world of which 80% were brand new to us.”

Roy Boxmeer – Economic Board Groningen

Since 2008

We helped building the startup ecosystem in the Netherlands and Europe.

Founded and grown Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship into Europe’s largest entrepreneurship centre. 

Developed 33.000 m2 campus floors in Rotterdam Science Tower

Chaired Global Entrepreneurship Week NL since 2009

How can we support your startup ecosystem?

  • Competition development

  • Startup Infrastructure Diagram

  • Innovation Ecosystem Tour

  • Event Management support

  • Venture scouting

  • Campus Development


We are in the heart of the worldwide ecosysytem.

Our startup community is active in over 230 cities around the world. We connect promising ventures to partners in all corners of the world to test and scale their solutions. Is your city already part of it?



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Growing towards 500 cities

Our brands that collaborate with governments.

Unknown Innovation

Technology scouting and innovation advisory for corporates and governments to explore and connect with unknown companies globally.

Global School for Entrepreneurship

We are rethinking entrepreneurship education on a global scale. Our University lets students become entrepreneurs by being one. Connected to the global network of startups and successful business people, students receive the full support to become leading entrepreneurs of tomorrow.