March 10, 2022

Gashouders Raises Funding From Unknown Group and Oost NL



We’re happy to share that our founders, Edward de Jager and Hendrik Halbe have co-invested in a Dutch energy venture, Gashouders alongside Oost NL (through the ION+ fund), The East Netherlands Development Agency.


For every sustainable energy source, Gashouders finds the right destination. Founded in 2019 by Jelmer Kalff, Pieter Mans and Jan Willem Eising, Gashouders is the world’s first venture that has the capability to store cleaned, high pressure-biogas. Their innovative solution directly competes on price with fossil fuels, while being 100% sustainable. They are the first Dutch biogas provider and offer construction sites the most sustainable fuel currently available, as well as creating a financially viable market for biogas producers. 


Over 800 million liters of diesel is used at construction sites in The Netherlands every year. Gashouders ambition is that by 2025, they will replace 3 million liters of diesel per year used at these sites, with clean biogas. Gashouders’ 100% circular solution enables a sustainable fuel chain that connects both needs: from the source at the sewage treatment plant to use on the construction site.


The energy transition is a key domain where Unknown sees great potential to leverage the Venture Engine methodology to create rapid, tangible impact and bottom-line results. In the energy domain, we create a portfolio of companies committed to providing affordable, efficient and sustainable energy worldwide. Together with industry leaders, we select the best ventures from around the world; we invest and actively support them to bring their solutions into the market with our vast global network of leading corporates.


The investment in Gashouders is the third Unknown Group has made in the energy domain. In May 2021, was the investment in Europe’s largest sustainable crowdfunding platform for energy projects, Oneplanetcrowd. In September 2021, Unknown announced its shareholding in Plastic Back, who have developed a technology to break plastic down to crude oil and other valuable chemicals.


Gashouder Co-founder, Jan Willem Eising said: “We partnered up with Unknown Group for their experience in building successful ventures, their commercial outreach and their in-depth financial expertise. We believe that with this collaboration we can really make a huge impact for a sustainable future in The Netherlands and beyond!”.


Unknown Group CEO, Hendrik Halbe said: “Accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy by investing in and scaling up bold solutions like Gashouders is key to our vision for the future. We’re very excited to work with Jelmer, Pieter and Jan Willem and have big ambitions about the impact their technology will have on the energy transition, especially in making the construction industry switch from diesel to 100% sustainable biogas”.


Gashouder Co-founder, Jelmer Kalff said: “We partnered with Oost NL for their great environmental focus and wide network, logically and particularly in the East of the Netherlands. Oost NL is widely known for their investments in sustainable energy projects and financing in circular economy solutions.” 


Jeroen Gierveld, investment manager Oost NL states: “Gashouders is an investment  with high potential. The funding came from the ION+ fund, a fund specifically focusing on early phase companies with great sustainable solutions. As the biogas is used on construction sites it will significantly reduce the carbon footprint. We are convinced that the team can realize the great ambitions by leveraging the technology.”

Unknown’s founders have invested in Gashouders alongside Oost NL (through the ION+ fund) through Impact Tech Ventures, an investment fund that has received the Seed Capital facility of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (“RvO”). RvO is a government agency which operates under the supervision of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. 


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