Unknown Campuses

Bringing together entrepreneurial minds

We are building local community hubs to help founders grow, by offering spaces to work, learn and meet.

The Hague’s powerhouse of positive impact 


13,000m2 Campus

1,000m2+ Configurable makerspace

50+ Impact scale-ups

Titaan is a state-of-the-art 13,000 m² campus to house Europe’s most impactful scale-ups focusing on innovations in the domains of food, water and energy: a true powerhouse of positive impact.

To support founders in their ambition, Titaan offers offices, programs, events, makerspace facilities and a community of impact-driven investors, industry leaders and students.

Tech campus providing digital power to SME’s


650+ Students

80 Offices

1,000m2 Co-working spaces

2 Event spaces

1 Cinema

On the site of Haarlem’s historic dome prison, academic education, culture and business come together at tech campus CupolaXS: The hotspot for digital knowledge, tools and skills for entrepreneurs and employees of SMEs.

In addition to workspace, companies have access to talent, coaching focused on digitization, financing, and other skills from a network of launching customers.

Rotterdam’s hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship 


250+ Companies

500 Events per year

20,000 Unique visitors per year

Rotterdam’s hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship 

At Unknown we transform real estate into hubs for innovation, education and entrepreneurship. One of our flagship projects is the development of the Rotterdam Science Tower (RST).

In just 4 years we led the transformation of 21,000m2 and created a lively hub in the Rotterdam innovation District. The RST brings together researchers, startups, students and professionals and is proving to be an important source of collaboration, innovation and new business development.